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At Mr Rollershutter we will design, manufacture and install roller shutters to suit your personal needs and budget. It doesn't matter if your choice is driven by a desire for noise, light or heat control, security, price or quality, residential or commercial protection. We will offer you the choice, advice and service that will guarantee you a confidence which only comes from knowing you have made the right decision - not just on the day you place your order, but also in the years to come.

Mr Rollershutter's Horizon Roller Shutter

The Horizon Roller Shutters are the most maintenance-free shutter on the market. Designed and sold exclusively by Mr Rollershutter, this product is the culmination of decades of experiment and experience.

Our objective in the creation of the Horizon Roller Shutter was to manufacture a shutter that would, for many years, retain its 'brand new' look while also functioning with the lowest failure rating. Thereby offering you best long-term value for your money, and also allowing for today's busy lifestyle.

Now, when quality matters, we recommend the Horizon Roller Shutter.

Professional Installation - Roller Shutters Perth

Our roller shutters are all professionally installed by our trained technicians; we do not use contractors. This enables us to guarantee that all Horizon Roller Shutters are measured, manufactured and installed according to Mr Rollershutter's design specifications, ensuring each installation is virtually maintenance free. This also offers you the confidence of knowing that your roller shutters will be efficiently, promptly and correctly fitted first time round.

Horizon Roller Shutter's Full Service 5 Year Warranty

Once installed by our expert technicians, the Horizon Roller Shutter is virtually maintenance free for years of trouble-free operation.

However, in the extremely unlikely event of a breakdown, the Horizon Roller Shutter comes with Mr Rollershutter's Full Service 5 year warranty guaranteeing you prompt and efficient back-up and service.

Mr Rollershutter's commitment to customer service is the unique component in everything we do.

The Full Service Warranty provided to the Horizon Roller Shutter is backed by Mr Rollershutter, Australian suppliers and manufacturers. This is the highest level of warranty available on any of the roller shutters in our range.

Our Commitment to Price

There is now no need to sacrifice on Quality, Service or Warranty in order to stay within your budget. Mr Rollershutter – and only Mr Rollershutter – offers you the choice from the full range of Roller Shutters available.

Call in and see us in our Wangara Showroom for genuine, honest advice that will allow you the confidence of knowing you have all the information you need to make the right choice.

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If you'd like to know more about how you can install roller shutters on your windows phone Mr Rollershutter today call 9362 1300 or visit our Showroom - 6 / 12 Paramount Drive, Wangara.

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