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My Rollershutter design their roller shutters with your home security in mind. Each of their window shutters is specifically created and installed to provide you with genuine protection to your home or business.

What’s more, on the rare occasions that a roller shutter doesn’t deter the would-be intruder, the mere act of them trying to force or remove a shutter will only make it more secure.

Roller shutters have intricately designed mechanisms that are thrown out of alignment when dented, forced in ways that they are not designed for, or removed inexpertly or in a hurry. Therefore, attacking or trying to remove a roller shutter will cause it to jam leaving little or no room for a burglar to get through to access your glass window.

Sadly, Perth and its surrounding suburbs is no longer the quiet, safe place that so many of us wish it were, we only have to look at the nightly news to be reminded of that. Installing home security of one sort or another is no longer a personal choice, but a physical requirement.

Foiling Burglars

Rod, Mr Rollershutter’s Senior Technician is only too happy to offer insight into why their roller shutters deter intruders. ‘When burglars are sussing up houses, the first deterrent they look for is a dog in the back garden, the second is roller shutters. There is no way they can get access through our roller shutters without it being time-consuming and noisy, two things they certainly want to avoid.’

‘If it’s a bang in the dark that startles you, or extreme weather conditions and bush fires that you need protection from,’ adds Rod, ‘You can trust the security of our window roller shutters. They are uniquely designed to fit and protect your house from exactly that, or whatever your concerns are, without leaving you feeling boxed in.’

How Roller Shutters Change Lives

Tracey of Mullaloo experienced a home break-in as a child, an event that has left her with a life-long fear of being burgled. ‘I was so afraid of being home at night, that whenever my husband was away I would take my kids and stay with my mother.’

But that was before she had Mr Rollershutter roller shutters fitted. ‘Now the kids and I stay put,’ Tracey says with a smile. ‘We feel safe and very content with our shutters pulled down at night.’

But it’s not just a vulnerability to burglars while sleeping that window protection eases, they also lessen your concerns about home security while you’re away for extended period. As Tracey puts it, ‘When roller shutters have been installed to the windows, you have nothing to fear.’

Why Our Shutters Work

Our roller shutters are installed and fitted to the outside of your windows, but have electric, manual or battery-powered internal operating systems, providing you with complete control on the shutter height of your window at any given time, without the need for you to go outside to adjust them. The protective strength of Mr Rollershutter shutters lies in the way they are assembled using interlocking aluminum slats, their internal locking mechanisms that firmly secures the shutter in position when it’s down, and because they are physically engineered to resist penetration from any outside force, whether that be unwanted visitors, vandalism, extreme weather conditions or bush fires.

Peace of Mind

Mr Rollershutter’s Customer Service Manager Jane Russie says, ‘What so many of our customers love about our window shutters is the peace of mind they give. When the family leaves home in the morning for school and work, they have a great sense of security knowing their home is locked down.’

Jane, herself a busy mum, is the first to admit that late at night, as she finishes her daily chores and tidies up after the children, she feels happier and more relaxed knowing her children’s rooms have a secure barrier against would-be prowlers.

Roller shutters offer many benefits; a high reduction in heating and cooling bills, insulation against outside noise, and greater control over your privacy, all this as well as greater home security. Yet, one of the true benefits of having your roller shutters fitted through Mr Rollershutter is the outstanding customer service.

You'll Receive Personal Service, Every Time

As a locally-owned, family business who take pride in their work, integrity and service you are guaranteed a quality job. Rod, the Senior Technician, personally oversees every stage of the process, and every technician involved is expertly trained to work as part of the Mr Rollershutter team. What you order is what you will get – starting from the initial measuring consultation, right through to the installation of your roller shutters, all of which are individually made to perfectly fit your window and personal requirements.

Get a quote on having roller shutters installed as part of your home security.


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